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About Above and Beyond Estate Sales

We began working together in the Huntsville/Madison area serving clients with estate sale needs in 2012. It was always a passion of ours to be there for those who need help. We found that people need help liquidating their assets through estate sales. Downsizing, transitioning households, or coping with the loss of a loved one is difficult and daunting. We help reorganize their belongings and sell with care and respect. These life stages are not easy, and we don’t want people to go through them alone. With our combined 22 years of experience, we work with you through this transition.



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We come to you.

  • Have your sale on your property
  • No packing up and moving all your belongings
  • We bring our experts and technology

We don’t have a brick and mortar store. You don’t have to pack everything up like a yard sale, move everything out, and pack it up again… just to keep it all or take it to Goodwill. We come to you, organize, manage, document, and take care of everything for you. Locally owned and operated in North Alabama.

Anytime you need us.

While our expertise is in downsizing, assisted living transitioning, and estate sales after recent passing, our 22 years of combined experience allows us to help you in every situation. Any time you need to liquidate your assets, we’re here to help.



Meet the Team

Pictured left to right: Laura, Roxanne, Misty, Kristin, Lauren, Kirsten, Franklin, and William (not pictured)


Here's what our customers have to say:
"My family recently hired this company for an estate sale. The home was over 7,000 square ft. completely full of everything from a formal dining room suite, to a pool table, art work, rugs and sports memorabilia. I can't stress the size of this project. These people were the most professional, courteous, and punctual I have ever worked with. Roxanne and Kirsten were amazing. Every item was accounted for down to the penny! Extremely detailed no matter the size of the item. I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND them for any type of estate sell anyone could have. Very good, TRUSTWORTHY people."
Tony A.
"We interviewed other companies but never had a level of trust & comfort until we met Roxanne and Kirsten. They are the breath of fresh air this industry needs. For many, an estate sale is the end of an era, the loss of a loved one and a difficult time of saying goodbye. Roxanne & Kirsten are sensitive to this and they gave us the time and space we needed to understand the process of an estate sale. They listened to us, noted our needs and found a way to meet those needs. Not only did everything go as planned and as promised, they were instrumental in helping us find the right people who sold the home in 2 days. We couldn’t have asked for better helpers to finalize that last painful process of emptying the estate. Thank you ladies!"
Renee L.
"Recently listed a home where Above and Beyond Estate Sales was assisting the family to liquidate their parent’s estate. We were able to close the house the next business day after the sale because Above and Beyond left the house in perfect condition. The family didn’t have to lift a finger and they raved about the quality of service they received from Above and Beyond. Above and Beyond is now my go-to provider for liquidation services."
Rick R.
"When I recently lost my last parent and was facing the task of selling my childhood home, I was feeling overwhelmed and not up to the task. I called Roxanne and Kirsten for help. When they showed up within a half hour, I said, “Wow. That was above and beyond.”

During that first meeting, they connected me with a top-notch estate lawyer and a dynamite real estate broker: friends they’d had for decades. Again, I said to myself, “Wow. That was going above and beyond.”

Then, for a very small percentage of compensation, they sold my family home’s contents, arranged to have the unsold items donated, the undonated items hauled away, and cleaned the floors after all was said and done so the new buyers could move in the next day. I said, “Wow. They really went above and beyond.”

Not only did Roxanne and Kirsten meet all of my needs incredibly quickly, they did it with a professional, yet personal, hug-worthy flourish. The name of their company says it all: Above and Beyond truly describes how this business runs. I wholeheartedly recommend them for anyone who finds themselves needing to quickly and efficiently sell an estate for top-dollar return."
Kristel S.
"These ladies did a wonderful job with my mom’s estate sale! They were very organized, knowledgeable and easy to work with. And, the sale went very well! Thank you!"
Susan S


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