What methods of payment do we accept?

For your convenience, we accept cash, checks, and debit/credit cards + 5% courtesy fee. 

Where do you advertise the sale?

We use online advertising through our website, estatesales.net, Facebook, Google business page and our customer email distribution list.

How long will it take to get our house ready?

2-7 days, depending on the contents of the house.

Do we need to go through everything and throw things away/donate items before you come over?

We prefer for the homeowners to get personal items like photos and momentos out of the house before we start the setup process.

What do you do with family pictures and personal paperwork accidentally left behind?

If we come across any personal photos, paperwork, cash, or other personal items, we will designate a closet or room for those items. We tape it off from customers, and that area is off limits.

Can we be at our home during
the set up and sale?

We understand the sale is important to you. Homeowners sometimes struggle with personal attachment to items after giving them up for sale. This can lead to conflict at the estate sale. Because of this struggle, we ask that the homeowners not be present at the sale. 
We appreciate your understanding.