About Us

About us
Kirsten Atwell and Roxanne Layton started working together in 2012. They saw a need in the Huntsville/Madison area that often went unnoticed. There are houses in the area filled with unused items and boxes on top of boxes collecting dust. Homeowners who want to get rid of things and downsize, but they don’t know what to do with all their stuff. Corners stacked with junk from floor to ceiling—things that haven’t been touched in years and won’t be touched for years to come.

And then, there are people with a common, yet devastating need. It’s difficult to transition after the loss of a loved one. And Kirsten and Roxanne wanted to make that transition easier. When coping with the loss of a loved one, knowing what to do with their belongings is complicated and difficult. What do you do with all the things left behind? People want an easy transition to downsize, move, or sell unused things after a recent passing. Kirsten and Roxanne wanted to help, and they found their niche of how to do it.

They work to manage and organize estate sales with itemized technology to make sure every transaction is accounted for with receipt documentation. Kirsten and Roxanne will help you organize, setup and price all your items and then make sure all transactions are accounted for. They manage ALL the logistics of the estate sale so you don’t have to, with care and experience of a combined 19 years. Above and Beyond Estate Sales LLC is locally owned and operated in North Alabama.